What is Matrix, exactly?

Matrix exists to provide a channel of interaction between students and the outside world, which includes professors, alumni and other institutions.

Our domains



Matrix is responsible for various events and lecture series related to Mathematics. This ensures full development of students as they learn about the real life applications of their theoretical knowledge which they have gained during their curriculum. Lecture series by some of the greatest minds in the world, allow our students to interact and intrigue with such immensely knowledgeable people and strive to achieve research breakthroughs. Various Events such as LaTeX workshops and other relevant resourceful workshops help our research community to present a fruitful publication of their research projects. Matrix is continuously planning to conduct more and more such workshops and lectures on off-syllabi topics such as Cryptography etc.


Computer Science

Coding skills are now essential part of professional and research domains. Matrix tries to conduct events such as Coding Competitions and Hackathons to encourage students to hone their coding skills. For the same purpose, we try to have various workshops on web development, network management, understanding our operating system etc. too.



Matrix tries to conduct events such as Virtual Stock Market (VSM), which is a very innovative idea for understanding the stock exchange. Matrix has plans for conducting various workshops such as Portfolio Management to help the community by giving an exposure of the outside exchange techniques.